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Polarion documentation is covers all features of the Polarion platform. However, depending on your license, some of the features described may not be available to you when you log on. Documentation generally notes if some feature or information is restricted to one or more product licenses. The following icon convention is used:


Product Name

Polarion ALM

Polarion PRO

Polarion Requirements

Polarion QA

Polarion Reviewer (see below)

In addition to the above, the following add-on is available:

  • Polarion Variants: This add-on provides a back-end server component which, when combined with capabilities built into some project templates, adds robust variant management capabilities to the above products.

If no product icon appears for a topic, the content is applicable to all products. If a topic applies only to certain products, the icon(s) appear beneath the topic main heading.

Installation documentation

Polarion documentation, including PDF and HTML versions of the installation guides can be found in the Polarion section of SIEMENS' Doc Center.


If default functionality doesn't fully meet your needs, you may find a solution on the Polarion ALM Extensions web portal. There you will find a catalog of useful extensions for Polarion ALM solutions ranging from utilities to project templates, to complete features.

The Extensions portal is located at: You can click the Extensions link in the tool view of Navigation to visit the site.