Bring Siemens and Greenpower to your local school system

The Solid Edge Ambassador Pack gives you the tools to talk about the Greenpower Challenge and, most importantly, take action to get Siemens and Solid Edge into the schools near you!


Siemens is a global engineering company with more than 343,000 employees and a long-term commitment to supporting and investing in education. Siemens designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of industry-leading products from MRI scanners to wind turbines, traffic management technology to rail systems, and the best CAD software on the market.


As a parent, employee, customer, or partner, you can become an Ambassador and help Siemens deliver increased benefits to students and teachers by engaging with your local youth organizations, schools, colleges, or universities.

Solid Edge Ambassador Pack

This package outlines a suggested approach to engage with your local academic institutions or youth groups and encourage them to take part in the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge and use Siemens PLM CAD software.