UF_ASSEM_animation_callback_f_t (view source)
Defined in: uf_assem_types.h
Definition of a callback function mechanism for animation playback.
This callback function will called each frame when user use synchronous play.

int UF_ASSEM_animation_callback_f_t
void* user_data
void*user_dataInputThis is a user supplied pointer.


UF_ASSEM_cset_fn_t (view source)
Defined in: uf_assem.h
A function type used by the recursive, cycling routine,


This type of function takes a tag, and a pointer to the application data.
The function should return a logical result which is used to decide whether
to continue the cycle (TRUE means continue).
It is mainly used as an operator on members of a component set where
the members may be sub-assemblies and where the operation should be
performed on all the sub-assembly's children too.

See UF_ASSEM_apply_to_cset below.

logical UF_ASSEM_cset_fn_t
tag_t member,
void * app_data
void *app_dataInput