HP QC or ALM Database

Connection settings

When configuring a connection to HP ALM or Quality Center, you can optionally specify a direct connection to the SQL database using JDBC. While this connection is optional, it is not possible to access (read/write) links from tests to requirements, and between requirements, without it.

To successfully connect, you need to specify a value in the JDBC Connection String. This value can be derived from the Connection String in the DB Servers tab of HP ALM's Site Administration. When you enter the string into Polarion, replace mercury with jtds (for a Microsoft SQL database), or oracle:thin (for an Oracle Database).

Synchronization Pair settings

Filter (HPQC): A filter in HPQC can be used like a Work Item query to filter entities in HPQC. The syntax for a filter is: field_id[filter]. For example a filter to have only entities with ids between 5 and 10 would be:id[>=5 And <11]. In the filter block the following operators can be used:

  • Comparison operators:<,>,<>,>=,<=,

  • Logical operators:and,or,not,

  • Literals: A string that represent the value of an expression. If a value contains spaces, it must be contained within single or double quotes. Literals can contain the '*' wild card.

  • Pairs of parentheses.

Multiple filters can be combined using the AND or OR operator. For example the queryid[>3] AND title['foo ba*'] is a valid query to filter out all entities with an ID larger than 3, and a title starting withfoo ba.

Parent ID (HPQC): The ID of an entity in HPQC, that will be used to define a root element in HPQC. Every entity from Polarion will be put below this root element in HPQC, and only entities that are below this root element will be transferred from HPQC to Polarion. The parent ID can only be used for the "Requirement" HPQC entity type, since its the only element that supports hierarchies.