Supported browsers and versions

Polarion ALM is web-based software. For the best experience, always use a supported browser. Polarion may work with other browsers, but only those listed here have been tested and certified as supported. Polarion displays a warning message to users who log in using an unsupported browser.




Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox

68 or newer

Version 71 for users hoping to tap into the very latest features and improvements.

Organizations or individuals looking for longer-term support with less frequent browser updates should use Version 68 ESR

Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Internet Explorer


Please be sure to review the additional notes section, below, for important notes about this browser.

Additional notes for Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • If running Internet Explorer on Windows Server 2012 (for example, for testing ):

    • If prompted by the browser, you will need to add about:blank as a trusted server.

    • You may need to add the local Polarion server and any remote Polarion servers as trusted servers.

    • You need to enable JavaScript for the Polarion server.


    The above points do not apply when accessing Polarion running on Windows Server 2012 from other clients.

  • Users of Internet Explorer should specify their Polarion server in the Local Intranet security zone while ensuring that Compatibility View is not used.

  • There can be performance issues on client computers running Internet Explorer due to browser memory requirements. Occasional restarts of the browser are recommended.