Configuration Properties

Polarion's system configuration properties affect how various Polarion system processes and functions work or behave. Most of these properties:

  • Affect the system as a whole.

  • Can only be modified by editing the file.

  • Require server restart before changes take effect.

However, there is a small subset of Advanced Configuration Properties. They differ in several key ways:

  • They can affect the system either globally, or only specific projects.

  • Administrators set, view, and modify them using the Administration user interface in Polarion.

  • Server restart is not required. Changes take effect immediately after saving.

Access the configuration

  1. Open Repository or a Project.

  2. Open Administration Configuration Properties.

  3. This is the page where administrators can add and edit Advanced Configuration Properties while the server is still running.

Inheritance of property values

The properties can be set to affect a specific Project, or the Repository. Values that are not explicitly set in the project scope are inherited from the Repository (global) scope.

  • When viewing the Configuration Properties page for a project, only properties that are set for that project appear on the Administration page.

  • View the page in the Repository (global) scope to view all properties that are inherited by all projects.

Currently supported Advanced Configuration Properties

  • testManagement.useOldExecutionView=true

    Use this option to use the classic execution extension on Test Cases instead of the revamped execution view introduced in Polarion 18.


    Classic test execution view will become obsolete:

    To give current testers some time to transition to the new Test Execution View workflow, the classic execution extension will be supported for a few more releases. Get to know the improved workflow outlined in the Executing a Test Run Using Polarion section.

  • testManagement.execution.recentRecordsLimit=10

    The number of Test Records that are checked for the Recent button. (0 will hide the button entirely.)

  • workitems.treeTable.removeDuplicateRoots=true

    Controls whether or not Tree search results include duplicate items, even if they're found in the nested tree of another item.

    (See Tree View for details.)

  • userManagement.myPolarionPageTemplate=[the_path_to_the_custom_page_template]

    Define a custom template for your users' My Polarion home pages and point to where it is.

    (Should be set on the Repository level and requires Global Administration access. See Assign a new My Polarion template for more information.)